NOTAM NameB - Correct use of lights and devices
NOTAM Creation Date2018-10-23
NOTAM Publish Date2018-10-23
NOTAM B - Information on the correct use of lights and devices

Use of external lights

   BEACON LIGHTS: On for pushback (turn on engines) to cut motors.

   NAV LIGHTS: Always connected for international flights and domestic flights only from sunrise (6:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. localtime). Daylight, as captain required, could be shut off when bypass a cloud, to avoid flashlights, only at day. 

   RWY TURNOFF LIGHTS - Connected during the night period from the entrance to the track to FLAPS UP and landing when Landing Gear DOWN and LOCKED up to 45º with parking gate shaft. During the day: at the discretion of the commander.

   TAXI LIGHTS - Indicates aircraft movement in the maneuver area (linked from taxi authorization to FLAPS UP after takeoff), should be switched off if expected to take off or any taxi break. For landing will be switched on when Landing Gear DOWN and LOCKED up to 45º with the parking gate shaft)

   STROBE LIGHTS - Used in conjunction with TRANSPONDER: Connects from the entrance of the lane to a runway

   LANDING LIGHTS - ON for takeoff up to 10,000 ft, after RETRACT. and ON of 10.000ft in the descent until runway vacated

   Note: If it is planned to remain on the aligned lane awaiting authorization to take off, the landing lights must be extended to the OFF position and only after authorization to start take-off they must be switched on. The Strobe Light and the LAND LIGHTS should be linked when crossing lanes.