NOTAM NameD - New Pilots, Main, Exec and Vintage Fleet
NOTAM Creation Date2018-10-03
NOTAM Publish Date2018-10-03

NOTAM D - General Information


According our philoshophy to deliver always new and best operations tools, we´re pleasure to annouce a new and entire flightsim platform, based on ACARS systems SIMACARS and SMARTCARS (on duty). Please, we invited all crew to enter and proceed to a new register. All pilots are invited to join the new LATAMv systems, all planes and platforms are acessible to our new systems. 


Discord Discord LATAMv

Whatzapp: Whatsapp LATAMv (Sala AIS)

Facebook: Facebook

Forum: Forum LATAMv


Remarks: All crew will mantain actual status, but, as a new platform, we request a quickly reregister. Thanks. All legacy systems will be evaluated to fit into new structure.

New Pilots

Some instructions: After your registration/appliance form was approved by HR LATAMv, please observe this tips

1) Join [Help] and NEVER FORGET, ACARS Systems must be "Run as ADMIN", specialty for X-Plane users.

2) If approved on LATAMv, you are able to operate Narrow Fleet (A319/A320) and all executive fleet. request to acess new airframes must be approved via Academy (Awarded) after exam and checkride

3) Register in LATAMv Forum, you find a [register] in main forum page.

4) Avoid flight charter, cause you´ll receive only 70% points, instead of regular flight, keep charter to executive or special flights.

5) Please, read carefully HELP PAGE, all mainly info about day by day operations is avaliable there.

6) Your PASSWORD in LATAMv, is your personal password filled when you enter at LATAMv. There is no one Staff, including CEO, that have acess to your personal acess (So, or you recover your password, or you need to reaply your entre form).

7) All facilities and applets to crew is avaliable into System / Pilot Actions, including change your personal data and moved to another hub, i.e.

8) FSACARS was discontinued by LATAMv. All crew MUST provides a new register, then HR will will filling legacy hours and awards into new system. Dont hesitate to contact us if you have any further question and/or suggestion.

9) Please, observe that all empty data MUST BE FILLED into SimACARS, even if its a Regular Flight. It helps YOU to keep YOUR TRACK complete. 

Main Fleet

Acessible via Pilot Internal Panel, thru Regular, Charter and Tours Flights. 

Executive Fleet

Some aircrafts from LATAMv Jets were inserted into fleet and are avaliable to all crew members.

According real operations, all flights shall declare as Charter, and MUST CONTAIN RMK/LATAMv EXECUTIVE


A lot of stored fleet we´re alive now and acessible to all crew, repair that some airplanes needs awards compared to real commercial fleet to become avaliable.

i.e. A343/H and A332/H needs A359/A332 badge. According real operations, all flights shall declare as Charter, and MUST CONTAIN RMK/LATAMv CHARTER or VINTAGE

King Regards