NOTAM NameA - Flight Number on VATSIM and IVAO
NOTAM Creation Date2018-10-23
NOTAM Publish Date2018-10-23

NOTAM A - Declaring Flight Number on VATSIM and IVAO

Dear Crew Member,

Reinforcing that is COMPULSORY the flight record in field 18 (REMARKS), insert OPR / LATAMv or RMK/LATAMv EXECUTIVE or RMK/LATAMv VINTAGE  .

About your flight recorder, your VA registration is NOT FLIGHT ENROLLMENT/CALLSIGN.

So, assuming that my register in the LATAMv is TAM3456 and I booked the FLIGHT TAM3001 (which is SBSP SBCT), it should be logged on to IVAO or VATSIM with CALLSIGN TAM3001.

We already guide the operations STAFF about the Logs. 1st mistake will be informed, 2nd mistake the log will be refused.

This is part of the VATSIM and IVAO rules, and as an approved VA, we must follow the rules in the VA.


Staff LATAMv